3 Ways TV Commercials Can Positively Impact Your Holiday Sales

Tis’ the season…Well, ALMOST. Nonetheless, now is the time to start preparing your TV marketing campaign for the holiday season.  Because Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas will be here before you know it. Not sure if your company NEEDS a holistic 360 marketing plan for the holidays?  Well, get cozy because we’re sharing […]

What Is An Offline Marketing Campaign?

In a world of constant scrolling and notifications, a lot of people often forget about the power of offline marketing.  While digital marketing is cool, it’s not the “end all, be all” when it comes to getting your company in front of more of the right people. Offline marketing is just as important as the […]

How to Outsmart Your Competition with an Offline Marketing Strategy

Have you heard the news?  Everyone’s panicking over the algorithms of the world – specifically the latest changes on Instagram. Over the years, the platform (that was once known for users sharing their photos) has over time drifted into pushing more video content.  While some people are learning to adapt to the concept of more […]

3 Unexpected Uses of Offline Marketing

For decades, technology has made our lives easier. However, maybe you can agree that technology is sometimes a pain when it comes to marketing your business. Some days, it feels like your company is on the top of the world – reaching the right people. While other days, it seems as though you’re hearing crickets. […]

Marketing Calendar 2022: Events you should pay attention to

2022 is just around the corner but what is worth even more attention for marketers? To pull out the marketing plan and strategy for the new year. A good planning could not be successful without the consideration of important events throughout the year. Campaigns which are launched during certain important events of the year not […]

What Squid Game Can Teach Us About Shoppable Content

Since the rollout of Smart TV’s and rise of streaming services, the gap between digital and offline marketing continues to shrink. These technological advancements have spawned a new approach to reach consumers to increase conversions: through shoppable content. Shoppable content has become the convergence between media and commerce, and is paving the way for a […]

Four Q4 2021 Marketing Trends to Look Out For

As the world begins to lift restrictions and welcome free movement again, marketers will yet again need to readjust their strategies to remain resilient and top-of-mind with consumers. Below are four Q4 2021 marketing trends to strengthen your marketing strategies: 1. Visual Content The idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds exceptionally true […]

How to Execute an Awesome Audio Ad Campaign

Audio content has been around for decades and remains very relevant today. Whether consumed via traditional or online radio, podcasts or apps, audio formats continue to evolve and stay afloat with consumers. What some marketers may perceive as a limiting platform, others are able to see audio advertising for its true potential: a unique medium to activate […]

Frequency Capping and Advanced TV Advertising: How To Avoid Ad Repetition

Advanced TV advertising is a booming industry with terms like ATV, CTV, and OTT quickly taking on household names. As more consumers are making the shift towards streaming and Internet-based services, advertisers have been close to follow. According to eMarketer, this rapidly expanding landscape is forecasted to see an upward trajectory in ad spending growth […]

Quick Commerce: The Next Generation of E-Commerce

It’s no secret consumers are increasingly valuing speed and convenience when it comes to digital shopping. There’s a constant pursuit for effortless ordering with next to no expendable energy on the customer’s end. The COVID-19 pandemic further ignited consumer demand for fast and simple delivery, thus catapulting the expansion of quick commerce to markets around […]

Outdoor Advertising: 8 Best Practices For a Great Campaign

Online marketing may be the leading marketing trend nowadays, but outdoor advertising is a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, the traditional ad medium has existed across centuries and still stands the test of time. The evidence on OOH impact and reach potential is clear. According to a recent Nielsen study, 90% of U.S. adults […]

Maximize TV Ads With “Test, Learn, Grow” Approach

Consumer viewing habits are constantly evolving and the methods in which advertisers reach their target audiences are, as well. Despite these changing habits, TV still remains a valuable advertising tool. As previously discussed, TV ads have a clear purpose: to drive brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and generate new leads. TV mustn’t strictly be linear […]

How to Advertise Thoughtfully on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, an internationally recognized occasion to honor the mothers in our lives, is also one of the most commercialized holidays in the world. Last year alone, US consumers spent $26.7 billion on Mother’s Day gifts, an increase of nearly $2 billion from the year prior. According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey, […]

Podcasting: The Next Great Advertising Frontier

It’s no secret podcasting is a booming medium. Nowadays, everyone has that friend who’s decided they definitely want to start a podcast or another whose conversational topics are sourced exclusively from podcast episodes, oftentimes starting with, “I was listening to a podcast the other day…” The numbers bear out: research from eMarketer suggests 106 million Americans– nearly ⅓ of […]

The Unique Advantages of Radio Advertising

Radio is a timeless medium used across the world, generations, and demographic lines. Regardless of gender, age, or education level people love radio–but this fact is often overlooked by marketers. The advantages of radio advertising are that they can achieve high penetration in key target groups and significantly increase brand awareness and trust. Marketers are […]

The Power of TV Advertising

The power of TV advertising is that it can cut through the noise. The pandemic has not slowed down the proliferation of advertising. Estimates show that people are exposed to somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day. That is up from 5,000 a day in 2007, and a far cry from the 500 to […]

Marketing Strategies for the Second Lockdown

After a record daily high infection and death rate–16,774 new infections and 89 deaths in a 24-hour period–Europe is facing a second lockdown as Chancellor Merkel urges people to come together to slow the spread of the virus. According to CNBC, Germany has registered a total of 356,387 cases and 9,767 deaths. This will no […]

COVID-19 is Changing This Year’s Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most important days of shopping worldwide. Started in the US as far back as 1961, it has grown to include Cyber Monday and offers discounts of up to 70% from stores and online retailers. This year, Black Friday will take place on November 27–but how will it look in […]

Small Change with a BIG Impact: IDFA Opt-in Effects

What is IDFA? IDFA is short for “Identity for Advertisers”, an option for Apple for user tracking/targeting on mobile devices. It limits ad tracking settings on Apple’s mobile operating system that prevents marketers from seeing and tracking customers or users by their device-specific Identifier for Advertising.  It was launched in September of 2012 with the […]

Time to Go Offline: How to Attract New Customers

2020 has been a challenging year for big and small companies, COVID-19 arrived in our lives with complete and partial lockdowns, social distancing and preventive measures have a significant effect on the customer’s consumption. All of these “ new ways of living”  are forcing companies all over the world to create new strategies of communication […]

How to Create Successful TV Campaigns

Successful TV campaigns can heavily impact brand image and long-term growth success. But it’s not always easy to unterstand how companies achieve excellent results in their TV advertising. Indeed there are only some small things companies are supposed to consider to have a success with their TV advertising. It’s definitely out of the question and […]

Print Advertising: Proven Impacts to Drive Results

There is no doubt that print advertising has many advantages. ZMG Zeitungsmarktforschung Gesellschaft, for example, found out in its study that “no other advertising medium is used as attentively as the newspaper”. The advertising effect of marketing measures in print media can be correspondingly high. It is therefore generally worthwhile for you as an advertiser […]

Secure Yourself a FREE TV Commercial!

Looking to optimize your existing marketing budget or test the impact of a data-driven TV campaign? Act now for chance to win a FREE TV Commercial to spread brand awareness and gain new leads! Think it can’t get any better than that? Well, then you clearly haven’t heard about our new campaign! Book perfect airings […]

Why Marketing Attribution Is Important

Every marketer should know which channels performs best to advertise in consumer conversions. But there are so many online portals that it is becoming more and more difficult to measure the customer journey. Marketers should find the best approach to marketing attribution to track and measure the customer journey to better understand the route to […]

Grow Your Brand With Strong TV Marketing Strategies

Your business growth depends on your goals you want to achieve. Nowadays companies want to build trustful customer relationship what is doubtless a very important thing in den digital age. But they don’t phrase specific goals such as the growth of revenue and sales. Their activities on social media won’t bring growing revenue, if companies […]

Why You Need to Incorporate TV Attribution Now

To exceed in marketing nowadays, companies need constant, up-to-date information and audience insights about their core demographic. It’s especially important to have an overview of and be able to track the customer journey in order to target and retarget consumers throughout the entire purchase funnel. One example of doing this would be through TV Attribution, […]

Direct Response Marketing: How to Achieve Business Growth

Direct Response Marketing and Brand Advertising are not the same thing. Because the most companies are aware about brand advertising and don’t know about the benefits of direct response. Key guidelines and advertising tactics for direct response marketing include: Your spot must generate response Your DRTV Ad must be able to attract your audience’s attention […]

4 Ways How to Achieve High ROI With TV Advertising

When assessing the return on investment [ROI] of TV advertising, it’s important to measure it holistically. You can’t see any interaction effects measuring different marketing channels separately. For any marketer, it’s necessary to follow and track the entire customer journey to generate insights on consumer conversion per marketing channel. Is website traffic and increased product […]

DRTV Advertising: How and Why It’s Effective

Do you own or work at a small to medium-sized enterprise looking to test new marketing channels? Would you like to build brand trust and increase revenue without spending an excessive amount on advertising? DRTV advertising is a great solution for you! DRTV (Direct Response Television) offers a plethora of benefits for marketers. See below […]