3 Ways TV Commercials Can Positively Impact Your Holiday Sales

Tis’ the season…Well, ALMOST.

Nonetheless, now is the time to start preparing your TV marketing campaign for the holiday season. 

Because Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas will be here before you know it. Not sure if your company NEEDS a holistic 360 marketing plan for the holidays? 

Well, get cozy because we’re sharing 3 ways TV commercials can positively impact your holiday sales. This particular topic is essential because the holidays are a busy time of the year. People are often bombarded by tons of ads on social media, so here’s why you should take a different approach to reaching your target audience. 

Data First 

The holidays are usually a time for people to relax with their favorite TV shows, nostalgic holiday movies and exciting LIVE television events. So, this cheerful time of the year is perfect for creating a buzz about everything your brand has to offer. 

According to Ofcom, people in the UK have their televisions on for nearly 4 hours a day. And according to Statista, there is at least one television set in over 26 million UK households. 

Now, we don’t know about you, but these numbers give us a spark of holiday joy. It tells us that despite the distractions of social media, people are still turning on their televisions for some quality entertainment. 

Now, let’s get into all the ways TV can help your sales. 

1. Bringing Your Product or Service to Life 

Television campaigns can help your product or service stand out because there’s more room for marketing teams like us, to flex creativity skills. So, often we see brand’s using the same trending audio or video transitions in social media videos. 

TV campaigns are the total opposite, because there are more thought-out data-driven strategies involved. These strategies truly zone in on what your audience needs from your company. 

2. The Opportunity to be Memorable 

They say it only takes a few seconds to make a first impression. And we totally agree with that notion. 

When you make a great impression with a compelling TV campaign, people remember you. Seriously! People tend to bring up great commercials in conversations, just as much as they bring up their favorite television series or movie. 

A key way to make your TV campaign memorable is by showing your brand’s unique DNA and of course, the art of storytelling. Essentially, you want someone in your target audience to say, “Oh! I need that!” or you want them to tell someone else about your commercial. 

3. You’re in Rotation 

So, the rumors are true. It takes most people several times to see a marketing campaign before it actually sinks in. 

When you have a compelling TV marketing campaign, you’re able to get in front of your audience more than once throughout the day. This type of rotation increases your brand awareness. There aren’t any algorithms to steal your thunder. And furthermore, people who are watching television, tend to be more focused. 

Quick Recap 

  • TV campaigns during the holidays are the perfect opportunity for you to bring your product or service to life on the screen. 
  • You’re able to get inside the hearts and minds of your audience by being memorable. 
  • You’re in rotation throughout the day. People will get used to seeing your brand and quickly realize just how much they need you. 

So, are you feeling ready to take things offline and ON TV during this holiday season?  If so, our team is waiting to chat with you. Click here to get started today.