How to Outsmart Your Competition with an Offline Marketing Strategy

Have you heard the news? 

Everyone’s panicking over the algorithms of the world – specifically the latest changes on Instagram. Over the years, the platform (that was once known for users sharing their photos) has over time drifted into pushing more video content. 

While some people are learning to adapt to the concept of more video on Instagram, others like Kylie Jenner are speaking out about the change. In an Instagram story, Jenner said, “stop trying to be TikTok.” 

Now, whether you love it or hate it, more videos on Instagram are bound to happen. Why? Well, simply because digital media is always evolving. Fortunately, you can make these changes work in your favor by taking things offline. 

But first, what exactly is an offline marketing strategy? 

Your offline marketing strategy is a detailed plan of how you’ll reach your target market through TV, print, radio, or OOH. Contrary to popular belief, offline marketing can reach more of your target audience than digital marketing. Now, let’s take a deep dive into how you can increase your brand awareness with a strong offline marketing strategy. 

1. Consistent Branding 

When you think of marketing online, you’re probably very keen on being consistent with your brand colors, fonts, photos, and graphics. Well, the same concept applies to your offline marketing strategy. Being consistent across the board is a reflection of your brand’s reputation. 

2. Creating Buyer Personas 

You’ve got to know your customers from the inside out. So, before you start promoting your business offline, gather your team together and brainstorm the likes, dislikes, challenges, and other pain points that are part of your customer’s lives. 

Oftentimes, business leaders create fictional buyer personas. However, we’re challenging you to think outside of the box and survey or poll people in your online audience. This gives you a more realistic idea of what your target audience needs from you. 

3. Setting Realistic Goals 

Diving into offline marketing is exciting! However, you must have realistic goals in mind if you want to get on track towards growth. Setting your goals involves knowing the number of people you want to reach, your primary call-to-actions, and the frequency in which you’ll be communicating through your desired offline marketing mediums. 

4. User Generated Content 

Think again if you believe that testimonials from your customers are only limited to your website or social media platforms. User generated content is perfect to implement in your offline marketing strategy. So, do some brainstorming to figure out if your team can gather past customers for an on-camera testimonial or a voiceover for a radio spot. These can also be used in print ads. 

5. Refine, Audit, and Evolve 

Bottom line – whether online or offline, things are rapidly changing in marketing, so it’s crucial for you to tighten up your offline marketing strategy. Furthermore, it’s important that you audit and refine your strategy as often as you need to. Place a recurring event on your calendar to review “what’s working” and “what’s not working” based on your data.

Quick Recap

Your offline marketing has the potential to reach the masses if you’re intentional about having a solid strategy. 

  • Consistent branding equals brand loyalty 
    • Give your audience a premium experience before they even invest in your products or services. 
  • Know your audience from the inside out
    • Your buyer personas are a sure-fire way to help you reach the right people emotionally. 
  • Keep your goals in sight 
    • If you don’t have goals for your offline marketing, then you’ll have no direction. Set realistic goals and take action. 
  • User-generated content is powerful 
    • Do you want your audience to truly relate to your brand? If so, bring in the words from people who have already invested in your service or products. Allow them to tell the story of how your company is amazing. 
  • Audit, refine, and evolve your strategy 
    • Oftentimes companies can get stuck in the same strategies year after year. Don’t let that be your company. Remember to always audit, refine and evolve your strategy. This could be every month or every quarter. So, dig into your data to make the call of what you should do next. 

Hopefully, you’ve found these tips insightful. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get started with offline marketing, get in touch with our team. We’d love to share how we can take things offline with a solid offline marketing strategy.