What Squid Game Can Teach Us About Shoppable Content

Since the rollout of Smart TV’s and rise of streaming services, the gap between digital and offline marketing continues to shrink. These technological advancements have spawned a new approach to reach consumers to increase conversions: through shoppable content. Shoppable content has become the convergence between media and commerce, and is paving the way for a new wave in innovative, interactive user experience.

Streaming Shops

Source: Netflix

In summer 2021, Netflix launched its extended platform Netflix.Shop, igniting “a new way for fans to connect with their favorite stories.” Hit series like Squid Game and Cobra Kai accelerated this into mainstream popularity, where it offers high-quality apparel and rich storytellings exclusive to Netflix content, making it an all around unique consumer experience.

Scannable QR Codes

QR codes aren’t new, but the creative ways in which marketers have adapted them is. A great example of this is Burger King’s 2020 “QR Whopper Campaign,” where viewers could scan the QR code within the TV ad and win a free whopper. The simple 15″ TV commercial generated nationwide buzz, which led to a soar of in-foot traffic and online orders.

Source: Burger King

On-Screen Shopping: Shop the Look

Have you ever watched a TV program and wanted to buy the exact outfit or even lipstick that an actor was wearing? This is now an emerging reality! As such, ITV launched Britain’s first ‘shoppable’ TV programs where users have the ability to buy via remote control as they watch television. First rolled out with the hit series Love Island, viewers receive on-screen pop-up ads where they can click to purchase via their remote control. Ads include beauty products and apparel items worn in-show by the cast, as well as an array of featured products.

“Shoppable TV is a wonderful innovation to allow [viewers] to be able to shop directly from their TVs, filling a real gap currently in the market.”

Paul Ridsdale, CMO at ITV

Source: ITV

Final Thoughts

All in all, shoppable content is creating new ways in which brands and consumers connect. By combining the the engagement of TV with the immediacy of mobile commerce, we are entering into a new era of consumer shopping and media advertising.

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