Four Q4 2021 Marketing Trends to Look Out For

As the world begins to lift restrictions and welcome free movement again, marketers will yet again need to readjust their strategies to remain resilient and top-of-mind with consumers. Below are four Q4 2021 marketing trends to strengthen your marketing strategies:

1. Visual Content

The idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds exceptionally true in marketing. Whether it be photos, GIFs, videos, or reels, consumers are drawn to visually stimulating content. Our client Taxfix captivated this very well with their TV advert below. What words come to mind after viewing it?

Content creativity spawns new ways to intrigue customers and give rise to new campaigns or products/services. By infusing creative approaches with data-driven analytics, companies can have a 360° view of their customers. “The addition of granular data and analytics can unleash creativity more effectively to drive deeply personalized customer interactions using iterative, test-and-learn approaches,” says McKinsey & Company. Creative campaigns backed by advanced analytics can support brands to make better informed decisions and make adjustments in real time.

2. Personalization

Consumers are complex buyers in that there’s usually a certain level of emotion driving purchases. That’s why emotional branding and personalized marketing tactics work so well: it offers customers shortcuts through the decision-making process. As such, Epsilon reports 80% of consumers being more likely to convert when brands offer personalized experiences, with 58% of consumers more likely to convert when receiving content based on their previous behaviors. We recommend incorporating forecasting models to identify growth opportunities and act with speed to capture real-time consumer demand. This will help your brand accumulate new leads and reinforce trust and loyalty with existing ones.

3. Thinking Out of the Box

From flying QR-code drones to 3D robotic billboards, competition within the experiential marketing landscape has never been higher. To meet the demand surge for consumable content, more brands and agencies are incorporating in-house creative teams, a trend likely accelerated from Covid-19. Now more than ever, brands are competing head-to-head in both creativity and innovation. Is your brand keeping up?

Our in-house team of media experts are happy to guide and assist you with your creative efforts! We’ll support in creative planning and campaign executing to curate a one-of-a-kind advertisement sure to exceed your brand goals.

4. Omnichannel Approach

The more someone is exposed to a particular brand, product, or service, the more inclined they are to convert. An omnichannel approach helps increase this rate of conversion. Omnichannel marketing provides consumers with a seamless, consistent brand experience across media channels, and should definitely not be overlooked this upcoming quarter!

With outside movement picking up again, we recommend taking advantage of the outdoor landscape to retarget consumers and expand your reach to new leads. This is also an effective format to target consumers who have grown increasingly numb to the over-saturated market of digital advertisements. For best practices in OOH advertising, read our previous blog here. Below is a great example of this with our client Foodpanda, who took advantage of full-coverage tram advertisements to truly make a statement!

Our client Foodpanda’s OOH advertising on inner city district trams in Berlin.
Source: LinkedIn

Offline Marketing Trends in 2021 and Beyond

Summed in a nutshell, the advertising world continues to evolve, and marketers need to be dynamic and observant in order to stay afloat. If you’re looking to rapidly implement one or more of the above highlighted marketing trends, make sure to have an integrated offline marketing plan already in place, so you can easily jump on the latest consumer trends throughout customer sales funnel.

How will your brand incorporate these trends into your marketing plan? Our team of media experts are here to help and advise every step of the way. Get in touch today! →