How to Execute an Awesome Audio Ad Campaign

Audio content has been around for decades and remains very relevant today. Whether consumed via traditional or online radio, podcasts or apps, audio formats continue to evolve and stay afloat with consumers. What some marketers may perceive as a limiting platform, others are able to see audio advertising for its true potential: a unique medium to activate consumers’ minds with a spark of auditory imagination in brand deliverance. Brand messages are delivered cohesively and directly to the listener— making it an excellent option for a brand awareness campaign!

Interested in testing your first audio ad campaign? We’re here to help! Our team of media experts put together a quick list of guidelines to follow before kicking off an awesome campaign. Let’s jump right into it:

Audio Ad Campaign

Grab Attention

Hooks aren’t just for writing school essays and first impressions aren’t just for job interviews! Both elements are absolutely crucial in making a statement with your listeners that’ll help your brand stand out from the pack. Ask yourself: what is your unique competitive advantage? What can your brand accomplish for your listeners? They key here is to be authentic and to resonate with your audience in a creative way.

Tell a Story

Ignite an emotional response to your brand through the use of storytelling. Consider which angle you want to position yourself and develop a story that speaks to your listeners’ situations while offering a solution to their challenges. An excellent message should capture attention, evoke emotion, and include elements reflecting your brand and its clear benefits to consumers.

Use Layman’s Terms

Simple speech is key with audio advertisements. Even if you’re marketing a complex product, we recommend simplifying the concepts as much as possible. The goal is to be conversational and relatable while connecting with your audience through shared language and emotions. Save the detailed descriptions for white papers or publications!

Pay Attention to Timing

Unlike TV, radio prime time is not in the late evening. Rather, it’s during rush hour driving times (e.g. generally around 6-9am, 4-7pm) when people are commuting to and from an obligation. As the cost and reach potential fluctuates greatly throughout the day, it’s important to narrow in on your exact target audience and when they’re most likely tuning into the radio.

Additionally, your timings should align with your campaign goals. Looking to maximize reach? Advertise during driving times and except higher CPMs. Are you an ecommerce brand wanting to maximize spot airings? Your flexible 24/7-open business model can take advantage less expensive slots and weekdays.

Optimize via “test, learn, grow”

Your first audio advert may be underwhelming, but through ongoing or post-campaign optimizations, your ad could soon be nothing short of amazing! We recommend defining a small selection of top KPIs to optimize relentlessly. Create strategies that align 1-1 with those KPIs to locate success factors. All in all, by adapting your marketing approach, deciphering which emotional responses to target, and learning how best to grab audience attention, your campaign will soon have high ROI.

Spot Testing

Is your marketing team torn by different ads? Do you know which ads performs best per target group, region, or even time of day? Consider modes of spot testing, such as A/B testing. By running separate ads with differing themes and messaging to segmented audiences, you can monitor and compare the ads to determine which is a more suitable fit.

Insert Simple Codes

It may be tempting to include a special code in your message to track users the same way you would with other offline channels. However, considering most listeners will likely be multitasking and won’t respond directly, you should strive for a simple, easy-to-remember code for your CTA. It should be clearly verbalized with no ambiguity in spelling. Even better when the code resonates with your brand name, maintaining a consistent brand message and solidifying retention!

Omnichannel Approach

Radio can be a strong conversion driver, but it arguably works best in combination with other marketing forms rather than being a stand-alone channel. Omnichannel campaigns focus on a media mix of, for example, OOH, TV, Print, and more. You can greatly scale your return on investment by diversifying your media portfolio, which’ll increase consumer touchpoint opportunities and target customers at different stages of the sales funnel.

At some point, you may be considering whether adding another media form is the next logical move- especially if you’re looking for nationwide coverage. TV, for instance, offers more flexibility in creative expression and the ability to track direct responses. OOH, on the other hand, is a great method is making a bold statement and retargeting consumers. In short, however you may decide to design your campaign, we are here to support and advise every step of the way!

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