Outdoor Advertising: 8 Best Practices For a Great Campaign

Online marketing may be the leading marketing trend nowadays, but outdoor advertising is a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, the traditional ad medium has existed across centuries and still stands the test of time.

The evidence on OOH impact and reach potential is clear. According to a recent Nielsen study, 90% of U.S. adults report noticing an outdoor (i.e. out-of-home or OOH) message within the past month, and 80% recall seeing one within the past week! Any brand seeking to break into a new market or reinforce their positioning as a market leader can benefit from OOH advertising. Below are 8 best practices to help you get started:

Select the optimal format

Outdoor advertising isn’t just limited to roadside billboards. OOH offers a large selection of unique formats, each with their own benefits and advantages in conveying the brand message to the target audience. With either place you choose, we recommend layering in the aspect of storytelling in the advertisement as an opportunity to further build brand-consumer relationships.

Static formats

Static placements are here to stay— literally. Their 24/7 always-on branding is available to your audience no matter the time, day, weather, etc. Some examples of these formats include giant posters, beamers, transport foliage, and many more. They are generally place-based (e.g. shopping malls, movie theaters, arenas, inner city districts) in controlled media environments in order for marketers to best reach their desired audience.

Digital formats

Digital formats offer marketers more interactivity, audio/video capabilities, campaign flexibility, and tracking abilities. Additionally, they require zero production costs with quick turnaround potential, making them an attractive alternative to static formats. Their placements are often in central city centers with high visibility potential. Below is an example of a digital placement from our client Nextory in a train station in Hamburg.

Outdoor Advertising · Nextory · drtv.agency GmbH

Integrate Technology

Innovative advancements are booming in the digital out-of-home [DOOH] industry. Some examples include geofencing, mobile device integration, motion sensors, and speech activation. While integrating these can be an exciting way to amplify your campaign, they could also be unnecessary distractors that detract from the overall campaign success. We encourage your team to weigh the pros and cons on whether to incorporate one of these elements.

Choose the timing

Timing absolutely matters! As a brand, reaching your target audience at the right time is crucial to the success of the campaign. External factors such as seasonality, regional holidays, behavioral tendencies, and consumer movement trends (i.e. back-to-school, travel patterns) should all be taken into consideration before campaign implementation. For digital placements, times of day should also be evaluated in order to best reach your target group when they’re out and about.

Further, branding campaigns designed around new product launches can differ greatly than those structured around performance-driven campaigns. Therefore, it’s important a brand what the campaign objective is, and when to kick-off the campaign to best captivate the perfect audience.

Tell a Story

It’s no secret storytelling is an effective marketing tactic. According to Forbes, this powerful tool can enable marketers to form deeper connections with consumers and better understand the marketplace. With this in mind: what is the one key takeaway you want consumers to have after viewing your advertisement? Do you want them to remember a hashtag, your brand logo, or associate your brand with an item/service?

“Humans are terrible at remembering facts, but great at remembering stories.”

Hilda Morones, 99designs

Deliver the right message

Deciding at which stage of the sales funnel to reach your audience greatly impacts the campaign. The first question you, as a marketer, should ask yourself is whether you’re intending to target consumers in the consideration or purchase phase. Here are our quick tips for how to advertise during either of these stages:

Consideration Phase:

Incorporate large, recognizable branding and imagery with simple yet memorable messaging.

Purchase Intent Phase:

Include specific messages such as voucher or discount information, a clear call-to-action, etc.

Beauty in Simplicity

The intention of your ad is to reach and actively engage your audience, therefore your creative should drive engagement through clear, simple yet effective cues. When developing your creative(s), it’s important to consider the media size and format in order to determine the how to display your design. Based on the measurement space and visibility, a good balance of white-space, text, and imagery should be maintained. Additionally, consider how your ad will be viewed from people from a distance or up close (e.g. billboards on highways or inter-transit stickers) to decide how to proportionally layout your design for an optimal viewing experience.

Location, location, location!

Before finalizing your outdoor placements, consider any and all geographical locations that may align well with your target audience and have high (foot) traffic. We encourage you to think outside of the box and get creative when brainstorming for placements. Whether you’re interested in aerial or ground ads, via traditional or guerrilla tactics, there’s a plethora of options that’ll surely accommodate your advertising needs!

Expand your media mix

For a more omnichannel approach, we recommend strengthening your advertising efforts by combining outdoor advertising with other media forms. Especially for e-commerce brands, OOH and digital strategies compliment each other very well. OOH is a great supporting media form due to its massive branding power for retargeting individuals who may have already seen your ad via email, social media, or elsewhere.

Our client Foodpanda’s OOH advertising on inner city district trams in Berlin.
Source: LinkedIn

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