Maximize TV Ads With “Test, Learn, Grow” Approach

Consumer viewing habits are constantly evolving and the methods in which advertisers reach their target audiences are, as well. Despite these changing habits, TV still remains a valuable advertising tool. As previously discussed, TV ads have a clear purpose: to drive brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and generate new leads. TV mustn’t strictly be linear anymore either. The rise of Addressable TV [ATV], Connected TV [TV], and Over-the-Top [OTT] has modernized consumer viewing experiences and opened new gateways for eager brands and marketers.

Developing the optimal TV campaign is no small feat. Serving ads to the right viewers across the right channels at the right time of day is a challenge for all brands. Especially when the ad should invoke interest, drive a call-to-action, and be a memorable viewing experience. That pegs the question: how can businesses successfully leverage TV advertising for maximum brand impact?

“Test, Learn, Grow”


Why test TV ads?

TV ads need to go well beyond a great concept to be effective. By testing a TV ad before rolling it out to the mass, marketers can be sure their creative output has the desired effect among viewers. Such spot tests can provide quick feedback, gauge consumer response and perception, and see how a brand stacks up against competition. All of these will factors ultimately allow marketers to further optimize their TV campaign.

How to evaluate TV ads:

Once you’ve clearly defined your brand strategy, ideal target audience, and campaign goals, the process of TV ad evaluation can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Test. Experiment with different media mix elements such as dayparts, weekdays, channel selections, audience segmenting, etc.
  2. Learn. Generate insightful learnings from this campaign to identify growth opportunities.
  3. Grow. Analyze results and campaign findings to seek for modes of optimization that’ll further drive campaign success.

“With a successful TV ad, there’s potential to drive dramatic growth over a short period of time.”

Lucy Clifton, Brainlabs

TV Spot Testing Through Audience Feedback:

  • Online Polls or Questionnaires: These are fast and simple to complete, meaning they tend to have higher interaction rates among willing participants. However, participant responses are limited in that these forms are generally multiple choice and don’t leave space for suggested improvements or nuanced opinions of your ad. 
  • Interviews or Surveys: Both interviews and surveys are far more comprehensive than the above, but require more time and effort dedication among participants. Defined by what you’re specifically testing, these may be carried out by pinning your ad (usually two or more separate versions) against industry competitors and/or other brands. From these results, you often gain valuable feedback, such as brand or product recall, likelihood of conversion, clarity of the ad, areas for improvement, and positive brand associations. Additionally, this method permits open-ended responses, allowing you to gain more fruitful, deeper insights.

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