The Power of TV Advertising

Global figures continue to highlight how the power of TV advertising remains resilient. Advertisements are everywhere nowadays, where the average person is exposed to around 5,000 a day. 

There is no other format more engaging and capable of providing a near full-immersion experience for consumers than video commercials. Thanks to the combination of visuals, sound, motion, and music, video commercials manage to build an emotional connection with viewers. This is one reason why TV is and continues to be so powerful and effective. Advertisements have the ability to trigger a wide range of emotions and captivate peoples’ attention for extended periods of time. Attaching an emotional element to an advertisement contributes to long-term brand associations for viewers. Advertising on TV remains a popular media form in Germany and one of the most used forms of media.

The advantages of TV advertising is extensive. From building trust and awareness to delivering customized branded messages, TV effectively connects businesses with mass audiences in an engaging format. Additionally, according to the European Broadcasting Union, it is rated one of the most-trusted forms of media in Europe. The accumulation of these reasons is what makes a generally attractive ROI, especially when used in combination with other media forms.  

Several studies around the world demonstrate the many effects TV has on viewers and driving market traffic. Specifically, German research has shown that when in combination with OOH, radio, or print, incorporating TV advertising is likely to increase a brand’s campaign ROI.

TV campaigns can be categorized into either short- or long-term versions. It is crucial to decide which version to utilize as they depend on different factors and yield different results. As such, companies ought to decipher which campaign length would be more optimal for their brand needs and campaign goals in order to receive the highest ROI. One report from Marketing Sales and Big Data Analytics shows that in the long-term, three years after a series of ad campaigns finished, 86% of TV advertising campaigns delivered a profitable return, as well as increased brand awareness and helped the companies gain larger market space. 

2020 has been a challenging year for marketers around the world. Covid-19 has altered customer behavior and brand initiatives as we know it. Less people are commuting daily, shopping has shifted online, and more people are staying at home. The accumulation of these factors have negatively impacted certain advertising endeavors, such as OOH. However, with the rise of people staying at home and festive holidays both in the last quarter and leading into the new year, TV ads have become the key to reaching a brand’s ideal audience. Incorporating TV advertising is a powerful marketing strategy to build customer loyalty, generate new leads, and further spread brand awareness. 

At, we offer creative support and strategies for offline marketing that cater to your unique brand needs. Take the opportunity this upcoming year to reach out and connect with us. We will help bring your TV strategy to the next level. 

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