Radio advertising: Why is it worth it?

Nowadays people like to listen to radio very much. And this regardless of gender, age, level of education, etc. But this fact is often overlooked or ignored by many marketing decision makers in companies. It is a great pity, after all, radio advertising can achieve a very high reach in the target group, which would significantly increase brand awareness and trust in the brand.

Instead, marketers prefer to invest more in online advertising because they believe that users nowadays mainly use online media and are therefore best reached there. Far from it! Most online users are less receptive to online ads than they are to radio ads because they move online for a specific purpose: they search for information, they want to communicate with friends or they look at the stories at Instagram where they want to feel undisturbed by online ads. But when a person listens to the radio, he or she unconsciously perceives the advertising messages and, over time, even memorizes them, which leads to a spontaneous reminder of the advertising message when listening regularly.

Rheingold institut and WDR media group have found in their study on the significance of radio for the German population that radio conveys “the feeling of stability and continuity in everyday life”. Because the German population feels flooded with media diversity, they need a “stable medium” that “allows them to concentrate on the essentials: the content”. In addition, according to the study, radio as a medium enables Germans to “orient themselves and lead themselves easily” and “establish an uncomplicated connection to the outside world”.

Sounds surprising at first, doesn’t it? In the digital age, this finding seems astonishing at first glance. If, however, you only use online advertising in your marketing mix, you will unfortunately have only moderate success with it. That’s why we want to emphasize the big role of offline marketing measures like radio.

But before you start planning without thinking about it, because you might assume a high reach of the medium anyway, you should consider a few steps. The other study by WDR mediagroup showed how to plan radio advertising correctly in order to achieve good campaign results. According to the study, it is very important to define campaign goals and to think about steps that could lead to the achievement of these goals. On the other hand, advertising media would have to be designed according to the defined campaign goals. It is very important to ask yourself: Do I want to increase brand awareness through the campaign and thus strengthen the brand, or is the increase in sales primarily important to me?

 As soon as the campaign is running, it is very important to permanently monitor and optimise its results and, if necessary, check the effect of the campaign in the target group with a before-and-after survey. In this way, you ensure that your advertising material is perceived by the target group and that you are pursuing the right strategy to achieve your goals.

If, at the end of your radio campaign, you discover that some of the targets have been missed, you can reflect on the KPIs achieved in your campaign and draw conclusions about exactly where it hacked. Don’t be sad if it didn’t work. After all, every campaign success is based on drawing certain lessons from the past. Try to draw these lessons and take them into account next time. Then the next fight will certainly go like clockwork.

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