How to Create Successful TV Campaigns

Successful TV campaigns can heavily impact brand image and long-term growth success. But it’s not always easy to unterstand how companies achieve excellent results in their TV advertising. Indeed there are only some small things companies are supposed to consider to have a success with their TV advertising. It’s definitely out of the question and many studies has already proved it that TV advertising is the most effective type of advertising. Thinkbox found online businesses are the biggest investors in TV. Generic marketing company Screenforce proved in its study that TV advertising drives the highest ROI (in average 2,57 € with long-term advertising). So if you’re an ecommerce company you can reflect about including of TV in your marketing strategy.

And now, let’s speak about the factors having the hugest advertising impact. How can companies create their TV campaign better and effectively?

1. Creative creation of the TV Spot

The most important thing every marketers should consider intending TV advertising is a good persuasive spot. It must provide emotions, include limited informations and a powerful call to action. A TV Spot that is too long and includes too much informations but no testimonials instead of emotions will fail. If your spot is able to awake positive associations providing value of your brand and product you will see a huge impact. The customer should see the reasons why he should choose your brand and not the brand of your competitors.

2. Choose the right channels and the right programs

Don’t underestimate the meaning of right channels and programms. What are possible hobbies and interests of your target group? If you know it you can define channels and programs where you advertise the most efficient. It goes without any doubts that women are likely not to see sport programms and men will never see love stories or programmes about beauty and make up. So it’s quite important to define which channels and programms are the best to advertise for a product.

3. Try to understand the mood of your target group

After you have understood the hobbies and needs of your audience you should reflect about their mood. There is a strong unconscious connection of the audience to brands and media. Whether on the couch in the evening, during sports or on the way to work – the needs of the users and the susceptibility to different messages are very different in individual life situations. That’s why it’s very important for marketers to consider this fact if they would like to be in their customer’s „Relevant Set“. Advertising impact experts speak about „Mood Congruency Effekt“. If the recipient’s constitution, contact and message agree, advertising has a far better chance of having an effect.

4. Try to awake trust in your brand

People don’t purchase a product of a brand that they never heard about. If your brand is unknown you should make every efforts to convince your customer he can trust your brand and product. At the beginning of the TV campaign you can attempt to start with the high frequency of advertising to raise your brand awareness. After you will see that the high frequency of your advertising isn’t necessary anymore, you should set on quality of your TV spot.  

All in all, the more you know about your audience the better the advertising effects will be. Invest your money and your time in investigating the needs of your audience.