Print Advertising: Proven Impacts to Drive Results

There is no doubt that print advertising has many advantages. ZMG Zeitungsmarktforschung Gesellschaft, for example, found out in its study that “no other advertising medium is used as attentively as the newspaper”. The advertising effect of marketing measures in print media can be correspondingly high. It is therefore generally worthwhile for you as an advertiser to take this into account. However, you should first and foremost ask yourself whether print media is a real advertising medium for your product at all. We will explain to you how you can find out.

If your brand is about to be launched on the market and you therefore want to increase your brand awareness, then offline marketing measures generally make much more sense for you than online advertising. With print advertising you can achieve a very high reach and thus generate a lot of attention in the target group. An infratest dimap study has shown that two thirds of German print media perceive print advertising much more credibly than online media. You probably can’t believe it, but it’s true. Every trade magazine or newspaper has its readership, which usually remains loyal to one or the other medium for a long time. And from the long loyalty the high credibility to the medium develops with the time. And if a reader gives a medium a high degree of credibility, he also takes the advertising in this medium credibly, right? Of course, the whole thing has a certain logic here. Therefore, if you not only want to make your brand/product known, but also credible, then you should definitely rely on print advertising. And remember: If readers trust your medium, they will also trust your brand. And the more trust, the more profit for your brand, guaranteed!

And what if your brand has been on the market for a while? Then your target group already knows your brand and above all you don’t need the high attention, but you want to strengthen the trust in your brand even more and bind the customers more to the brand. This can also work excellently with print advertising. If you design your print ad in a very appealing and creative way and place it in the right environment, you will have great success.

But it only works if your target group consumes a lot of print media. You should not forget that print media are predominantly read by people with high incomes and a good education. These are definitely people who are only 30 years of age or older because they have generally completed their education and are working. However, if your target group is predominantly young people, then we would clearly advise against print advertising. Here, online advertising would definitely be a much more effective form of advertising for you. Therefore, think about who you want to address with your advertising.

So, now you know which target group you want to address with your advertising campaign? Perfect, then you must determine where and for which product you would like to advertise most. Are you planning a marketing campaign with an international orientation or do you perhaps intend to draw attention to your brand only in your region? For international campaigns, online channels are more worthwhile than offline due to their wide distribution, as they can keep the already enormous costs somewhat lower. However, if you have planned to launch local advertising, we recommend that you definitely use print advertising. In every region there are many local print media where you can place your regional product perfectly in the right environment.

Understanding your product/service, together with a defined core target group and outlined campaign objectives, is vital before creating a print advertising strategy. Once you have clearly formulated your strategy, nothing stands in the way of your long-term success. We wish you that from the bottom of our hearts!

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