Grow Your Brand With Strong TV Marketing Strategies

Your business growth depends on your goals you want to achieve. Nowadays companies want to build trustful customer relationship what is doubtless a very important thing in den digital age. But they don’t phrase specific goals such as the growth of revenue and sales. Their activities on social media won’t bring growing revenue, if companies mainly concentrate on the brand building. Finally the companies want to generate high profits, developing strong TV marketing strategies is the route to go.

Thinkbox has proven in their study that the TV advertising is the most trusted. It provides emotions, the value of the brand and awakes the trust. Media activity Guide 2019 from SevenOneMedia says people in the age 14-69 watch TV in the average 220 minutes per day, online videos only 15 minutes and youtube 12 minutes per day. So there are good reasons for companies to think about the possibility to drive their business growth with TV advertising. Perhaps some companies think, they are too small and can’t afford to spend so much money on TV advertising. But they need to attract attention of their potential customers and to raise their brand awareness. According the study, Superchange: TV for small business, commissioned by Thinkbox found that „TV advertising creates 80 per cent of smaller businesses’ advertising-generated sales, despite accounting for a far smaller proportion of their advertising spend (66 per cent)“ ( If so many people watch TV why do companies not take this chance to attempt the start of their TV advertising?

You don’t need to invest millions of dollars for your first TV campaign. It would be enough to start with 50.000-100.000 Euro. You will see the effects of it and can decide if it is worth keeping on with your TV activities or not. You only have to dare this attempt. With Direct Reponse TV advertising small companies have a great chance to drive their business growth with low costs. With a good persuasive spot including a call-to-action button you can reach your audience which shows an interest on your product. You will have a good brand awareness and a good reach. And of course you can be sure that your sales will increase. At the beginning your TV advertising will have short-term effects but later you will see that your audience know your brand and trust your brand. In its study Thinkbox found that „during the four weeks the campaign is on air, the uplift in the volume of sales grows“. So you can be sure that your TV advertising will deliver results quickly. Why can you be sure?

Ecommerce start up Librio for example have never advertised on TV before. But after they’ve done it they investigated huge positive effects on their sales and their brand awareness. The most traffic on their website came from TV what has significantly increased sales. Even after their TV campaign the brand website had the high traffic, was found in search engines and achieved growning revenue.

In conclusion, businesses determined to generate high profits and build brand awareness should consider including TV marketing strategies in their advertising mix. Many studies have proven the positive effects of TV advertising on sales and first of all on ROI. Finally, your audience will happier to see a spot providing emotions and impressions of the product in TV than a online banner on Facebook.

Let us speak as a next about the ways how you can improve your ROI with TV advertising.