The Power of TV Advertising

Global figures continue to highlight how the power of TV advertising remains resilient. Advertisements are everywhere nowadays, where the average person is exposed to around 5,000 a day.  There is no other format more engaging and capable of providing a near full-immersion experience for consumers than video commercials. Thanks to the combination of visuals, sound, […]

Marketing strategies to follow during this second lockdown

COVID-19 Second Lockdown  Europe is locking down for the second time. German health officials reported last Thursday of a record daily.high of 16,774 infections and 89 associated deaths within a 24-hour period. Germany’s lock down measures include closure of restaurants, bars, gyms and theaters. Chancellor Angela Merkel urged people to come together as they did […]

COVID-19 is changing this year’s Black Friday.

Black Friday is one of the most important shopping days worldwide. Started in the US, the event grows in popularity year over year until now. In 2020, Black Friday takes place on November 27th. During the day, you can find many offers on products from different brands.  Sales will be taking place both in stores […]

A small change with a big impact: Making the IDFA opt-in

What is IDFA? IDFA short for “Identity for Advertisers”  an option for Apple for user tracking/targeting on mobile devices. It limits ad tracking settings on Apple’s mobile operating system that prevents marketers from seeing and tracking customers or users by their device-specific Identifier for Advertising.  It was launched in September of 2012 with the release […]

Time to go offline- How to attract new clients in times of COVID -19

This year 2020 has been a different year, a more challenging one for big and small companies, COVID-19 arrived in our lives with complete and partial lockdowns, social distancing and preventive measures have a significant effect on the customer’s consumption. All of these “ new ways of living”  are forcing companies all over the world […]

The factors of advertising impacts: How can companies create a successful TV campaign?

A good TV campaign can have a huge positive impact on image and revenue of every company. But it’s not always easy to unterstand how companies achieve excellent results in their TV advertising. Indeed there are only some small things companies are supposed to consider to have a success with their TV advertising. It’s definetely […]

When is print advertising relevant to my business?

There is definitely no doubt that print advertising has many advantages. ZMG Zeitungsmarktforschung Gesellschaft, for example, found out in its study that “no other advertising medium is used as attentively as the newspaper”. The advertising effect of marketing measures in print media can be correspondingly high. It is therefore generally worthwhile for you as an […]

Promotion: Secure yourself one of three free TV-Commercial!

Optimize your existing Marketing budget! Or, you can try data driven TV campaigns as an autonomous new customer acquisition marketing channel. You could potentially gain new customers with your TV-Commercial at this very moment! Think it can’t get any better than that? Well, then you clearly haven’t heard about our new campaign! Book perfect airings […]

Why marketing attribution is so important for your advertising

Every marketer should know which channels he’d better use to advertise for his product. But there are so many online portals that it is becoming more and more difficult to measure the customer journey. That’s why marketers should find the best approach that can help them to measure the customer journey to define how their […]

Why your marketing strategy should include TV advertising

Your business growth depends on your goals you want to achieve. Nowdays the companies want to build trustful customer relationship what is doubtless a very important thing in den digital age. But they don’t phrase specific goals such as the growth of revenue and sales. Their activities on social media won’t bring growning revenue, if […]