Direct Response Marketing: How to Achieve Business Growth

Direct Response Marketing and Brand Advertising are not the same thing. Because the most companies are aware about brand advertising and don’t know about the benefits of direct response. Key guidelines and advertising tactics for direct response marketing include:

Your spot must generate response

Your DRTV Ad must be able to attract your audience’s attention and to awake interest on TV commercial. Exactly this is the challenge of a DRTV spot. Try to reflect about the needs of your audience and to answer the follow question: How can I create my spot that is able to stimulate people to visit the website and buy a product? Pay attention to such elements like music, text and a good voice.

Show your audience your product is able to solve  problems

If you are able to show benefits of your product and communicate them using a very understandable language, you are on the right way to a successful campaign. But if you present your product as a a solution for problems, you can be sure, your DRTV spot will generate responses. So put the USP of your product in the foreground of your TV spot. 

Pay attention to the length of your spot

A spot which length is 20 seconds is optimal for a DRTV campaign. It’s enough time to mention the benefits of the product and to convince your audience of your product. The longer the spot is the less concentration your audience will have to see your spot till the end. It can be short but informative and persuasive. Don’t forget it!

Try to make an identification between  you and your target audience

Your target audience should feel that it belongs in the ad. That’s why show people and situations that your target audience will identify with.

Take a chance to test different creatives

If you have a couple of spot versions you can test all of them. You could put phone number instead of website or you could test the different lengths of the spot.  You could place your ad on different channels or programs. There are many opportunities with DRTV to find out the best way to advertise. So you can see what channel or what length work better and react with relevant measures. It’s a good opportunity to manage your advertising costs.

Measure your DRTV campaign

DRTV is based on quantified planning and control. Use this and analyze your TV campaigns. Each spot can be controlled: channel, length of spot, day of week, time of day. All these factors can be combined and used to optimize future DRTV media buys.

The right DRTV strategy helps you to achieve your objectives. With DRTV you have minimized financial risks and the hight probability to increase your sales.