How can I achieve the high ROI of my TV campaign?

When trying assess the return on TV advertising investment it’s important to measure it holistically. You can’t see any interaction effects measuring different marketing channels separately. For every marketer it’s quite necessery to follow the whole customer journey of customers to define effects different marketing channels have on sales. Do customers go to the website and purchase products because they saw a TV spot on television, or is this the result of organic search/social media banner/instagram story? This is a question every marketer has to answer.

Besides it’s essential to know what factors influence the ROI of TV advertising. Let’s reflect about it.

1. The targering

If you can adress the right massage to the right audience on the right channel you automaticly ensure the success of your message – you can reach your target group which will be interested in your product. At the same time you can optimize all your targerting actions during the campaign. If you observe your targeting doesn’t work you can react quickly and change your strategy so that it won’t have negative impacts on your ROI. Don’t hesitate to implement different ways of targeting. So you can find out the best way that can ensure the successful targeting.

2. The message

Your message have a huge influence on impact of your advertising. If you create a good message and target it to the right audience you can expect good results and a high ROI. With a good TV spot addressing an interesting topic you can drive a significant increase of a TV‘s effectiveness. To achieve the better results you can combine your messages duriong the campaign. It allows you to measure and see what massage the higher response rate has. So you optimize your TV campaign permanently

3. The reach and the media

It’s obvious that a high reach of your TV campaign means a high ROI of your TV advertising. That’s why at the beginning of the campaign it’s quite important to increase your GRP (gross rating point) and try to achieve a good OTS (opportunity to see). To achieve a high reach you also should to choose the right channelmix to target your audience. The perfect mediamix and a clever targeting will guarantee the high ROI!

4. The price

Your ROI depends on the price you are able to negotiate for TV advertising. The lower the price the more channels you can include in your mediamix. So you don’t risk with high investments and aren’t afraid of losing much money. Finally, you can see what channels bring more response rate and without any risks change your mediamix everytime.

Measure your ROI and optimize your TV campaigns so that your TV advertising is economically viable and successful. If you aren’t sure about the implemetation of these measures but you would like to measure your TV activities and their impact on sales you can contact us. We offer you the unique possibility to measure the success of TV campaigns and optimize them at the same time.

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