DRTV Advertising: How and Why It’s Effective

Do you own or work at a small to medium-sized enterprise looking to test new marketing channels? Would you like to build brand trust and increase revenue without spending an excessive amount on advertising? DRTV advertising is a great solution for you! DRTV (Direct Response Television) offers a plethora of benefits for marketers. See below to learn more:

“DRTV advertising is an optimal solution for brands looking to increase sales and drive growth,”

said Andreas Peltret, Chief Growth Officer of drtv.agency.

How and why DRTV advertising is worthwhile for your business:

  • It Gives You a Platform. You have the opportunity to educate your consumers on the features and benefits of your product. Include a powerful call-to-action [CTA], which can lead to purchases.
  • Lower Costs. DRTV is a cost effective way to build and spread brand awareness without breaking the bank.
  • Mass Market Exposure. Launch or announce your product(s)/service(s) successfully to a wide audience.
  • Measurability. Measure and track your TV campaign to assess its true impact.
  • Optimization. Every time you can optimize your TV campaign and measure your ROI
  • Media Discounts. Receive attractive discounts by via our media buying process.
  • Direct Response. DRTV is targeted and segmented across other channels (e.g. digital, email, radio, print) and can deliver relevant data to generate direct responses from your core audience.

Our extensive background working with e-commerce brands to design and execute DRTV advertising strategies makes us the ideal media partner. We’ll work with you to bring your campaigns to the next level!

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