Why You Need to Incorporate TV Attribution Now

To exceed in marketing nowadays, companies need constant, up-to-date information and audience insights about their core demographic. It’s especially important to have an overview of and be able to track the customer journey in order to target and retarget consumers throughout the entire purchase funnel. One example of doing this would be through TV Attribution, […]

Direct Response Marketing: How to Achieve Business Growth

Direct Response Marketing and Brand Advertising are not the same thing. Because the most companies are aware about brand advertising and don’t know about the benefits of direct response. Key guidelines and advertising tactics for direct response marketing include: Your spot must generate response Your DRTV Ad must be able to attract your audience’s attention […]

4 Ways How to Achieve High ROI With TV Advertising

When assessing the return on investment [ROI] of TV advertising, it’s important to measure it holistically. You can’t see any interaction effects measuring different marketing channels separately. For any marketer, it’s necessary to follow and track the entire customer journey to generate insights on consumer conversion per marketing channel. Is website traffic and increased product […]

DRTV Advertising: How and Why It’s Effective

Do you own or work at a small to medium-sized enterprise looking to test new marketing channels? Would you like to build brand trust and increase revenue without spending an excessive amount on advertising? DRTV advertising is a great solution for you! DRTV (Direct Response Television) offers a plethora of benefits for marketers. See below […]