Data analytics: How can data benefit my marketing?

In order to do good marketing today, companies need information about their consumers. Especially due to a multitude of marketing channels, it is important to know where the relevant target group is in order to address them in a targeted manner. However, in order to develop a good media planning and a clever marketing strategy, […]

Rules of Direct Response Marketing: How can I achieve business growth?

The most important thing every marketer already knows: Direct Response and brand advertising are not the same things. Because the most companies are awared about brand advertising and don’t know about the benefits of direct response. So let us speak about some important rules of direct response advertising: Your spot must generate response Your DRTV […]

How can I achieve the high ROI of my TV campaign?

When trying assess the return on TV advertising investment it’s important to measure it holistically. You can’t see any interaction effects measuring different marketing channels separately. For every marketer it’s quite necessery to follow the whole customer journey of customers to define effects different marketing channels have on sales. Do customers go to the website […]

Why Direct Response TV advertising?

Do you have a small business or perhaps has your company never advertised on TV? Would you like to convence your consumers of your product and to grow your revenue? Do you want to spend not too much money for TV advertising? So we have a great solution for you. Direct response TV advertising is […]