Data-driven offline campaigns, we make them measurable and optimisable.

About us

Our extensive experience with digital brands and leading ecommerce companies makes us the optimal media partner for data-driven advertising services in the realm of OTT, ATV, Podcast, Radio, (D)OOH, Print, and more. We achieve outstanding campaign results for our clients through strategic media planning and expert purchasing services.

Our service offer is rounded off by our joint partnership with multichannel attribution tool Attributy™, which employs deep-learning algorithms to track the entire customer journey– from first touchpoint to conversion. We thoroughly measure and analyze campaign performances help bring your marketing efforts to the next level.


Strategy & Creation

We are happy to support and advise you in strategy development, in the creative process and subsequently in production.

The most important aspect: How and where can you reach the target group most effectively?

For us, the development and creation of the creation is per se to be seen as a holistic process in which we constantly take into account both the strategy and the objective with our data-driven approach.

Planning & media buying

Our extensive network and our many years of experience in purchasing media enable us to achieve extraordinary conditions.

We are able to control the success of campaigns already during the media planning phase and know the challenges of digital brands and e-commerce companies in managing offline campaigns (TV, print, radio and OOH) not only data-driven but also with a focus on performance.

Analysis & Optimization

The focus of our work is the data-based and algorithm-controlled optimization of offline campaigns. In doing so, we consider the entire customer journey and allocate the budget of all marketing channels accordingly.

Thanks to our tracking technology attributy™, which uses a variety of factors to influence the advertising impact for forecasting accuracy, we can – taking into account all online channels and the customer life time value – optimally control and optimize offline campaigns. This enables us to continuously analyze and identify KPIs that fit the strategy.



Jörg Schaible Director Performance Marketing

DRTV is our strategic partner for performance marketing. We value their proactive customer support, real-time reporting and intelligent ways to optimize our campaigns.

Tim Ehling Managing Director


With TV advertising, we can significantly reduce our costs, which gives us a high ROI.

Outstanding work! We will continue and expand our cooperation.

Gemma Comabella Managing Director

On behalf of, I'd like to thank our marketing growth partner DRTV.Agency for their great contribution to our revenue growth. We look forward to continuing to work with this highly motivated team.

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